Director's Notes

Hey everybody, using the website for notes is new to me. Let's see if this works.  I'll also print up copies and post at the theater.  But for now, just click the buttons, and it should bring you to the word document I wrote up.

Cheers, and fingers crossed!


Accent resources

Hey guys - this show is all about class, and thus - all about accents! I want you to become comfortable with cockney/upper class/ & standard British accents starting asap. 10 minutes every day spent on vowels & consonants will work wonders.




'RP' (fine): 

London Labour & the London Poor

by Henry Mayhew

This is a wonderful resource, a treasure trove for character research and inspiration in Victorian London!

Henry Mayhew was a journalist (and co-founder to Punch, a precursor to Mad Magazine) who interviewed street people in the 1840s & wrote about them.

Here are 2 volumes in html format that you can check out: