Stage manager's Notes

July 25:

  • Please park in grassy lot across from Hugo's starting tonight.  (Due to Crazy Days/2nd Street Stage and reserved space for Heartland bus, parking is very limited around Armory tonight.)

  • Performance mode tonight.  Schedule is posted near sign-in sheet and backstage.  Use fresh batteries in mic packs, and intermission will be 15 minutes with a 2-minute warning.

  • I've been asked to provide a few new things backstage: a mirror and two chairs on SL and SR, and hooks for costumes.  These items must not interfere with the backstage traffic pattern. Please check in with Drowsy.

  • I don't want to know who's it is, but this is the second time I've found a hanger left on this set piece at the end of the show.  Please fix this.

  • Thank you!!!


July 22:

  • You're off-book but almost everyone is still cleaning lines. Please stay attentive to the script as you continue working for accuracy this week.

  • Sign-in sheet has moved to wall in kitchenette near dance classroom and is even more important now than before!  Please sign in as soon as you arrive.

  • Dressing Rooms: Women's = dance classroom, Men's = Alan's office

  • No cell phones or personal valuables backstage; leave them in dressing rooms or I can store them in tech booth each night.

  • See "Tonight's Schedule" for updated schedule.  We're adding costumes/mics/some lighting design; for mic checks, need principals plus Jb, Dc, Jp, Hl, & Kw at base of tech booth at 6:10; everyone else go to dressing rooms for costuming after team warm-up.

  • Please place quick-change costumes on backstage racks before 6:45.

  • Who moves the screen off SR between Sc 5-->6 (Aldolpho --> Accident) while Jacob is moving topiary on? 

  • Starting Thursday, team meeting/warm-up will be in Knute-Nelson room (where Kristie took headshots) at 7PM.

  • Starting Friday, please park in empty (grassy) lot across from Hugo's.

  • Cast party at Bella immediately after show on Friday. Bella provides snacks; purchase your own beverage(s).


July 12:

  • On Monday I will have two comp vouchers for each cast/crew member.  You or your guests MUST exchange the vouchers for actual tickets to a performance, either at Beagle Books or with Pat Dove.

July 10:

  • Welcome, Tanner!

  • Headshots tonight!  Check schedule here.

  • Friday, 7/12:

    • 5-6PM: Yoga with Phil Bender for all levels!  Please bring a yoga mat and meet in the Classroom.

    • 8PM: Karaoke with Rachel

  • Saturday, 7/13:

    • 7:30PM: Final performance of Little Shop of Horrors @ The Chief Theater, Bemidji  Get tickets here!

  • Sunday, 7/14:

    • 7:30PM: Complete Works of Shakespeare @ CLC, Brainerd (Still have room for riders. Leaving Menahga at 5:30PM. Meet at Backstage Theatre Door #16 on the northeast end of campus at 7:10 if driving separate. Please RSVP to me if you're going:

  • Friday, 7/19:

    • 4PM: NLOKids perform original production at Pine Point

  • Saturday, 7/20:

    • 11AM: NLOKids perform at Armory

    • 12:30-5PM: CONSTRUCT SEATING FOR DROWSY AT ARMORY!!! (Bring your boots, gloves, screw gun, muscles, and humor!!!)

July 3:

  • Tentative assignment: Could the following people please perform a "Backstage Ballet" (i.e., hand in/receive props at assigned entrances) during Show Off (Sc I-3):

  • USR: Gail

  • CSR: Sophie, Brinn(?)

  • Fridge: Rachel, Sara (also help Janet remove straightjacket)

  • USL: Diana

  • CSL: Robert, George

  • 4th of July Parade (optional):

  • Line-up at fairgrounds at 10:30; starts at 11AM

  • Bottled water provided

  • Hand out candy/postcards during parade

  • Wear Drowsy t-shirt or something from costume shop (meet at 9:30AM at Armory to costume)

  • Headshots next Wed, July 10.  I'll post a sign up sheet on Monday. 

  • If interested in attending CLC's final dress rehearsal "The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged)" at no charge on Sunday, July 14, @ 7:30PM in Brainerd, please email me at  Leave Park Rapids at 5:00PM. Run time is 105 minutes, so will leave Brainerd at approximately 9:15PM.

June 26:

  • Bios due TODAY!  Please write in third person and email to me at

  • Please help:  Recycling is EASY this year!—just one dedicated recycling can right by the front doors, and the only thing to throw into it is aluminum cans.  Please toss in your empty cans (and nothing else).  Thank you!!!


June 22:

  • Master Calendar is updated for week of June 24-28.  Find your "character code" on the first page (chart is also posted on call board in Green Room).  I use these codes to designate individual actors on the schedule, costume plot, and blocking notes. Directors are casting various ensemble roles per scene, and I'll post an updated scene breakdown and costume plot by Monday.

  • Bios due WEDNESDAY, June 26!!!  Please email to me at Maximum of 125 words.  Bios often include: Your connection to theater (past experience), your hobbies, and a thanks or dedication.  Examples:

This is my first production with BCT, although I performed in Central High School's production of Grease during my senior year of high school. In my free time I like to dance (all forms, esp ballet and African), rollerblade, ice skate, or any other high energy activity. I've enjoyed being part of this cast and want to thank everyone for including me.

I'm grateful for the privilege of being in yet another BCT production (though you may not have recognized me as Monster in Young Frankenstein), and the challenge of developing a character outside of my comfort zone. Outside of theater, I milk and take care of a few cattle and some equipment, and enjoy snowmobiling and water sports. I appreciate my family and farm hands for taking care of things while I indulge in my theatre habit.

You may have seen me in recent productions of Boeing, Boeing (Gabriella) or The Little Mermaid (Sebastian). When not acting or working, I volunteer my time with Greater Lakes Area Performing Arts Board or recording episodes for my podcast, "I Can't...I Have Rehearsal."  In my free time I enjoy writing, reading, or binging on Netflix documentaries.  Enjoy the show!


June 21:

  • The Green Room (upstairs apartment) is available! Please stash personal gear there during rehearsal. (Never leave personal items on/around the SM table.)

  • Feel free to use the Cast fridge in the Green Room. There's a drawer in the fridge labeled "First Aid." It contains fruit leather and glucose tablets for those with blood sugar issues. Please let me know if supplies run low.

  • Be sure to write your name on your food, and throw away the old stuff.

  • I'm not the maid. In fact, there isn't one. Please bus your own garbage and dishes. Thank you, thank you!!!

  • Watch for emails from my new address:

  • If you were absent this week, you missed the first read-through plus:

  1. Ice-breaker:  On paper that I provide, write 1) your name, 2) something about you that is common to almost anyone, 3) something about you that is common to some people, and 4) something about you that is unique.  Return to me.

  2. Participation survey: To help us with grant-writing for our next show, please fill out a pre-participation survey and return to me as soon as possible.

  3. Choreography for last 30 seconds of "Toledo Surprise." Please watch the video posted in Choreography Notes.


June 18:

  • Vocal rehearsal at Armory tonight!  ​See Master Calendar for schedule.

  • No one has EMAILED the trivia question yet...

  • Two housekeeping notes:

  1. The water cooler is in service.  It's finicky.  Please ask Greg or me to change the 5-gallon bottles—do not change them yourself.  No drinking cups provided; bring your own bottle to refill from the cooler.

  2. A few of us are allergic to fragrance and some essential oils.  It's a balancing act between hygiene and allergies, but please keep fragrances to a minimum and if a fragrance/EO bothers you, let me know.

June 10:

  • Vocal rehearsal at Calvary Lutheran (sanctuary) 6-8PM.  Bring your music (libretto or folder), pencil, water, and plan to be measured if you have not been yet.  I will not be at this rehearsal, so please hang on to volunteer contract/waiver forms until June 17th.  Thanks!

May 25:

  • Let me know if you'd like to be added to the NLOC Fam thread on Facebook.

May 23: Welcome & Trivia Challenge!