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LITTLE SHOP audition flyer.png

Seymour Krelborn - An insecure, clumsy, put-upon florist’s clerk and eventual hero.

Audrey - Secret love of Seymour’s life, low self-esteem, sweet and vulnerable demeanor.

Mr. Mushnik - Seasoned owner of a skid-row flower shop - greedy and manipulative old man.

Chiffon/Crystal/Ronnette - Skid row street urchins - young, hip, and smart - Greek chorus.

Orin Scrivello - egotistical and sadistic dentist and Audrey’s abusive boyfriend.

Audrey II, the Plant - (voice actor and puppeteers) man-eating plant from outer space.

Chorus Roles - Street Urchins, Winos, Clerks, Customers, Radio Interviewer, Movie Producers


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